Cover of Celebrate HCPSS Issue 2

Issue 2: Fall 2016

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Great Schools

Dr. Foose reflects on what makes great school systems: outstanding students, talented staff, dedicated families, a supportive community and efficient operations. Considering those traits, we have a lot to celebrate in HCPSS.

Moving Forward With Equity Efforts


The Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, a broad-based stakeholder committee, released a comprehensive plan to promote positive behavior, respect for all cultures and diversity throughout the school system.

Developing Responsible Citizens, Embracing Diverse Perspectives


The school system’s curriculum, written by Howard County teachers, supports the growth of well-informed citizens by weaving diverse perspectives into lesson resources.

Special Education Paraeducator Supports Kids In and Out of the Classroom


Jerard Rucker supports the growth of his students who have social, emotional or learning challenges as a special education paraeducator at Hammond Elementary School. Rucker also takes his passion for working with kids outside the classroom through basketball coaching and training.

Ahead of the Sports Safety Curve


HCPSS is the first school system in Maryland and one of the first in the country to offer a state-of-the-art sports concussion management and education program that includes Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT), especially as an eligibility requirement for contact sports.

Fall 2016 High School Athletics


Approximately 6,000 HCPSS athletic events are held annually involving more than 10,000 students. Here's a photo roundup of teams gearing up for the fall season.

River Hill Re-envisions Student-led Communications


This year, River Hill High School Student Government Association students are taking the reigns of the school’s Canvas community to connect everyone with the latest updates and news on sports, activities, community service, colleges and more, all in one place.

Ducketts Lane Bridges School, At Home Learning


Ducketts Lane Elementary School is an early adopter of Canvas for family communications, including at the 4th grade level.

Growing a Green Thumb at the Greenhouse


The ARL Greenhouse Horticulture program opens its doors for its holiday plant and wreath sale. The plants are grown by HCPSS special needs high school students as part of their vocational training.

School Sustainability Roundup


Here’s a quick roundup of the many ways HCPSS supports well-being by providing safe and sustainable educational spaces.

Saddling Up for Safety with the Bus “Roadeo”


Safety remains the number one priority for HCPSS transportation. One way the school system supports bus safety is through its annual bus driver and attendant training.


HCPSS celebrates remarkable achievements made by students, alumni, staff members and schools. These are just a few.